Part of services that the bank is ready to offer its customers
  • Current accounts, Saving accounts and accepting deposits in both Iraqi & Foreign currencies for Iraqi people and foreigners
  • Issuing local transfers & bills
  • Conduct outgoing and incoming International transfers in dollar and other foreign currencies though below banks :

    1. Broker in selling & purchasing foreign currencies. 
    2. Issuing internal & external guarantee letters for all purposes. 
    3. Providing all kinds of banking facilities required in dinar of US dollar with accepted bank guarantees. 
    4. Providing (short and medium term) loans to customers, and all sectors in both Iraqi and foreign currencies.
    5. Buying drawn deeds on local bank branches inside & outside Baghdad city. 
    6. Issuing credit letters according to Iraqi trade law and international norms in its latest versions. 
    7. Broker in buying & selling stocks inside & outside Iraq for our customers.

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